Some recent songs of mine and how they are made

So, this post is going to quickly cover my music, music video and art as of late, which has been 99% in the form of GOAVA music videos.

One of my new, hardcore GOAVA tracks

What is a GOAVA music video? Well, it’s a music video I produce using my synths along with the necessary bleeptones and animated shapes from GOAVA. GOAVA is a software I wrote to take lists of numbers and assign them together in 1-dimensional matrix relationships to come up with a set of compositions which are unique and specific for each number. Then it takes that data and uses it to help animate and transform shapes that are made from any of ~22 simplest mathematical ways to make 2 and 3 dimensional shapes from numbers. The download of the latest .JAR java executable is found at

Unfortunately Java is a tough platform and so you should need to get Java Runtime Environments versions JRE 17 or JRE 18 in order to run this software. After that it will prompt you for each run session how many numbers you want to list and what the interval between notes should be(in seconds). How cool is that? Once you’re done entering the values you get just what you asked for.

The source code is at

If you want something chill.

I am excited for comments here if anyone happens to use this software of mine or another to make their own music videos or experiments!

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