Some notes on Economics and a Life Update [updated again as of 6/2/2023

So i just had a temporary job position to fill at a greenhouse in Hopkinton NY. It paid well and I ordered a digital electric furnace to start smelting metals into the alloys I talk about in my books for testing my theories in particle physics.

A side note on economics; I noticed that the production cost in raw materials, external manufacturing, labor, cost per lifetime of the machinery used in cars, there is much that doesn’t add up. A car is made up out of at most a couple to a few thousand dollars worth of expense, to include perhaps a few hundred on the manufacturing labor and mostly in the insurances and raw materials and external manufacturing and coverage expenses. This muddies the water on the sanity of people making the reinvestment of these profits; as I am able to tell you that while you pay $30,000 for a Toyota Prius, it costs at most $8,000 for the manufacturers from ingot to ignition to ensure every step of its ‘standard’ safety checks and delivery transportation etc. The raw materials for a Prius and the cost they are paying to bend those sheets of metal and drill out the pistons(or however they do that) is probably well below the $4,000 mark, usually just $2-3 k.: in the quantities they buy it, that pays off the miners on a living wage in most cases. That’s their sheet and cast metal, it’s going to be pennies more to shape it into a car. Basically this also means executives make about 60x more than their employees doing about the same amount of labor. Closer to 3x is fair and buys the mansions and everything you need, should the price of other things be this fair as for only 3x the pay of a skilled employee. 1/3 of people would have the mansion only 1/60 to 1/200th of people would then have. approximately. It would only take six or so people for everyone to have their mansion in only half the time as if labor was free. Then; everyone would be inheriting them for cheap(er) as well after they were occupied for life.

Another point; medical debt. On average in the USA, who is doing average on healthcare quality: 4 in 10 adults contain medical debt on their record at current. 6% of all 220,000,000 people (adults, who take on each expense) in this country owe $1000 or more. 1% owe over 10,000 dollars. The median is about $2,000 then. If we assume this, in the USA this is a terrible thing – why?

The answer is because this math:

220,000,000people * 0.06(people with debt mean/median circa $2,000) = 13,200,000 with $2,000 medical debt. This means 1/20 people are screeching at their walls at any moment in time, having still yet $2,000 they don’t have to pay for a surgery or important procedure with a importance level constituting something like the difference of anywhere between hours of severe torture and/or death over time. Now, I know that medicine costs money, but despite the technology we currently use, I know pills are jacked to thousands of percents profit quite often – insurance covers it but you spend $7,911 for a median annual coverage of one individual. You might use, swallow, snort, inject in pills or destroy in equipment.

“During one’s lifetime, over $400K will be spent on the average American’s healthcare in today’s dollars.”

I know nurses don’t want to touch your (or my) junk, but they are making a sliver of that for doing so. In fact they make probably less than 1% of the money that comes in even though their jobs handles about 25-50% of the labor to do any of this healthcare, as a batch of pills is negligible divided labor for all the people that take them.

Let me tell you – the cost of your CPAP machine’s careful construction or the inserts that keep your heart beating or resolve your cholesterol, the cost of the doctor’s tools and their education all considered… only about 100-500(if you’re really unhealthy) hours of paid work (mining, manufacturing, chemistry, tests, analysis, TLC and more) will go into your health. Insurance companies and manufacturers and pharma researchers, their industry may be rated at multi-billion in USA alone (220,000,000ppl*7000dollars*70yrslifetime = 1.155*10^14 dollars spent direct to insurance companies each generation on their insurance, neglecting the 220,000,000ppl*6000dollars*6%=$79.2 billion of current debt (in a reasonable lifetime additional debt incurred PER debtor which should be even more since 6% are in a $2000 median debt RIGHT NOW.). You are on average somehow through emotional discontent paying $360 this year in damages from loved ones that are stressed out and taking in pay just to handle the healthcare they are having issues with, as long as you assume a stranger would try to save your life if you’re dying, even without any debt in healthcare.

If the insurance company knows and works with the people who take metals and organic compounds and makes the medical equipment, hospitals and more and knows that they themselves do not actually spend hardly anything to generate revenue which is on the order of thousands of times the production cost… You must know now that the persons who take the money from doctors and nurses and machinists who, if you visit the offices each year and have hospitalizations sometimes, would be lucky as hell (i am only guessing less than 25% of any people since elderly do technically use a lot of help) to be sick enough to need to recieve even an actual $2,000 in labor per annum… you are paying 3x your cost in insurance and over your lifetime you realize you only spent at best a tenth of the $400,000 lifetime on that insurance, – $40,000 if your doctor or surgeon visits you a couple hours a year for 75 years, they make a few million in their life probably but then only a few thousand comes from you yourself, 2hr*$80(a nice pay on average if you get surgery)*75=$12.000 goes to your doctor and then maybe another few hundred for all your pills and machines and I guess another $75 per person on average for the replacement organs and etc. I bet it’s about another $5,000 towards all your nurses.

Hospitals often pay liability claims to families injured by doctors but that is paid by the doctor. Let’s say you have $20,000 in healthcare costs to laborers and everyone on the chain for your whole life if you die at 75 like a normal person. You have still only spent $400,000/20,000 = 20, so 1/20th or 5% of the money you spent on insurance. Are other people 20x healthier than you right now? Is it a risk that you’ll need 20 machines around you all the time and 20 more hospital visits that are lethal each time and 20 more doctors and nurses visits each year? Insurance doesn’t care about you, sorry, you lose. In fact they bet their money and their fine time that you’re at least 80% likely to do so and they made a huge profit just doing your savings account even if you could ever survive that much attention.

So down to the hardest of this math – how many years of life does this remove from people? I know this insurance scam may be valid if the owners of the company can’t do anything about the fact that every other company makes a 10-20x profit on everything and even then it’s sold to hospitals, but… They still even put you in debt as if you needed it, and as if the large healthcare corporations and (“Hospitals are corporations and are therefore overseen by boards of directors. Nonprofit hospitals have boards that often consist of influential members of health care and local communities.” Where’s my insurance return income check, RIGHT NOW? They might send money to research companies, but this is muddy water already. Supposedly 6 in 10 hospitals are nonprofit. I don’t know about small clinics but this supposedly means they are taking the 19/20th of your insurance money, and using it to somehow make your health 20x better. With what?!?! I barely see anything but free hand sanitizer, face masks, CDC posters, and well-paid doctors but that was already a thing. “A recent JAMA study determined that less than 55 percent of nonprofit hospital organizations report any community building spending, with an overall median of $63,572 in community-building expenditures.” Which charity is sitting on their ass? Public health may as well be a community government service funded by nonprofits, so to speak, we should have 20x more doctors than regular people, or 20x more health improvers than regular people, but multiply that by 6 in 10 because I don’t give a flying fuck. This is very murky. You have 20 healthy africans with not a worry in the world for every American, buddy. Extranational charity? I am waiting for the water, I can’t even be sure I believe this is right.

A nonprofit hospital should focus on making America able to do this. With all the fact of the matter being that we overspend by a factor of something like 15x on everything, and while it keeps us afloat yet stilll… Someone is trying to make sure we die, slowly, or they don’t want to see us fluorish. Everyone could have their own helicopter or jet with this type of money. WE could do the work they never did and help each other the way institutions don’t even let us do by a factor of a 20x resistance in the long run.

Schools are the next thing. It’s identical to health insurance. They make 20x profit. Don’t learn, don’t get fixed, you won’t ever realize why you’re so stupid you fucking monkey. Sorry to use a curse word but that’s what they are telling you. Get me the fuck out I am done. I don’t even want to see the nurse I want to leave. I have a getaway plan.

One more funny fact: electricity and water are both a good 20x profit for most villages and suppliers. A hydro dam might be $8M ($1-3M construction, then labor) to maintain with labor a MW of power for a good century of time on a river. A MW of power is good for about 700 homes. Then each home is billed about $80-200 a month, or on average $130 a month slightly optimistically. Multiply that $120 by 700 houses by 12 months and then 100 and you get the profits. $109,200,000 from a 1MW hydro dam over a century. Theoretically they pay for themselves yearly and their maintenance would take less than 1/20 of the profit. I would be surprised if total expense drove that down to any less than 10x profit. Again nobody can even spend 10x more time shopping than the usual person nor spend 10x as much on anything without working the average other person 10x as hard for even just an equal chance to surpass their power grip.

This is just one example of why I don’t understand how awful our global economy is. I know we want everything to work well; but in order to do that we need to be able to get things working. If I buy a car, and that buys you two to four cars for yourself, why do you get a better deal?

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