So I redid tests on my precious metal carbide/nitride alloy

Ran as ‘iridium’ ‘rhenium’ ‘cohenite(iron carbide) on xrd, the crust is quite hard and some microscopic grains of metal are, and the metal is very soft in most other microscopic sections but some of its crystals are much higher(~2.5-9.5 mohs in general, but gradual smearing from calcite to ceramic is achieved at higher and higher intensities). it’s nonmagnetic, density around 6.9, high conductivity, moderate thermal response, can slowly tarnish off from the bright surface to a slight tan overcast with organics but stays well for long. is not attacked by HCl 25% over a surplus of 15-20 minutes, with no color change and much more minimal orange patina on polished surfaces, and certainly neither are the oxides (which are mostly stained now by organics from bright green and black and grey) and the crystal oxide black surface as well.

I believe it may be iridium carbide with trace heavy pt-like element carbides and nitrides, to include osmium and manganese. anyone have any ideas about the crystal system? appears to have more fragile clasts of triclinic nitride inside of slightly latticed (hexagonal or widmanstatten-like monoclinic/cubic habits?)

I also just found out the metal dents and deforms and heals with thumb pressure on the submillimeter scale easily. Most types of soft steel are much harder and not even close to as malleable and flexible and elastic/ductile.

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