Showing how I do math and the properties of Meum, Qeum and Beum, my three favorite irrational numbers

Here it is embedded.

These three are irrational numbers that actually contribute a topological field over all numbers is basically what they are, the most special three to me. Besides the ratios between all points being highly numerically significant at any value n, applying the rules I produced for operator theory involving divisions, subtractions, multiplications etc. entail the property that these numbers and the equations for Q and B which are otherwise numerically simplificable and non-unique (acrossall polynomials), the equations as written which root at them maintain limits of the same root where other formulas won’t. This makes them as special as Meum but only using my methods on symbolic operator theory and number theory. Meanwhile, the possible integrations and expansions are also highly stable despite this. This is a video from an online calc. This crude sketch of how to (almost consider all parts of) the math to get this property to be unique and study number theory better will explain:

Here’s a song that has the same geometry as the equations animating here at several parts.

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