Hey! It’s moving day!

I decided to write this post in anticipation of my move-in day planned for tomorrow at my new house in a small town closer to my college of SUNY Potsdam. I’ll be here until I finish all my studies, hopefully to include a 4-6 year Ph.D. program at Clarkson College for Physics/Theoretical Physics with an Applied Math minor. I’ll be staying in Parishville NY and I hope you guys wish me a comfortable move-in and many safe years to come. The house is in great shape and I notice the water quality is too. The bathroom is made of gorgeous tiles and, with hedges in the front, the long strip of backyard has numerous 5-6ft blueberry bushes that I can pick from and cultivate. I look forward to watching meteor showers from here.

I intend to follow up tonight with a post about my scientific and mathematics papers; but if I don’t write a cover for them on this blog just yet, you can (and should) download these soon-to-be (hopefully) influential publications, or find links to buy them, at my main pages at http://eski.info/.

Pic of the house:

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