Chondrite fireball?!

I saw a Carbonaceous Chondrite (suspected) or LL chondrite fireball Jan 3rd at 11:45. I have located one CO chondrite. I think this came from the Quadrantids source, southeast of me, going very northwest, from my position in NY. I located one specimen and I am about to go back and search again and will keep you all in the loop. Pics later.

This is a crusted fragment. It was found, like all others I am about to list, in craters off the side of or on a far bank of a gravel road the day after the blast was heard and fireball/smoke trial was observed. Each one of this type were found well along a line similar to the direction of the fireball. No similar rocks were embedded (I actually looked hard), so these were a type that were deposited freshly.
This giant rock was found spilled out of a large, deep crater on the side of the same road the day after the next, as well as the following nearby:
A mild crust on the back side:

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