An explanation for how and why we live in 3 dimensions

So, according to my paper; this is a simple explanation but important…

The paper here as background:,%20Space%20and%20Numbers.pdf

That listed; I now present my proofs:

According to my paper we take these axioms:

1.Time is not a line or dimension or number; it’s just the way things go.

2.If an equation graphs reality; it proves numbers are a material so equations are the same as symbolic logic in language. (kindof just a side point)

3.Dimensions are everywhere and include time; and they simplify to three.

This blog post focuses on point three and the proof is simple yet immaculate and fascinating. Here goes, are you ready?

Since we may be living in infinite dimensions; we want to percieve reality as the sum of the simplest way to describe things in a single way of ‘things going.’ Since we have at least three dimensions we can tell that, as an equivalent inf-dimensional being, we can percieve another inf-dimensional object as a n-1 dimensional image. To know that there is more than meets the eye is only to imply one additional dimension to this object’s topography, that n-2 dimension, yet one more to make three, is necessary to describe the fact that there is more around to percieve it. You take a direction or a set of space, you see the detail across it for a second dimension, and then a third for the fact that there is more than meets the eye.

It’s that simple! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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