A thought (and a new arylcyclohexylamine synthesis I am testing.)

From my community forum here’s some interesting chemistry:


“This procedure uses a heterocyclic alkane /secondary alcohol such as menthol, a primary aliphatic alcohol such as propanol, ammonium chloride and sodium and/or potassium benzoate.

a valid synthesis for a highly substituted, unknown menthol based arylcyclohexylamine compound

menthol in ethanol or propanol at least 5mol propanol/ethanol to menthol then add maybe 5ml of water for every g of menthol, then add 1-1.2mol of ammonium chloride to menthol. mix and dissolve in more 5mol:1mol alcohol to water until fully dissolved and uniformly mixed. should look clear and not cloudy. then add 1-1.1mol sodium benzoate in 2:1 alcohol to water for every mol menthol. shake well until it is fully homogenous at least five to ten minutes later. then add vinegar to form white cloudy acetate xls and shake and evap. only impurity should be sodium acetate/chloride”

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