A recast of my computer alloy where it became more exact, and combusted to precisely 1/2 weight as a very bright plasma but fused even more oxidation-proof

The alloy burns shortly above its melting point at around 730-760C, flames are observed shortly above 780C at least as it was heating, the flame is a blue plasma and it seems to combust the alloy normally at the exact proportion it was mixed. I noticed patina from excess zinc and selenium and so it seems much more corrosion resistant and single axis or body centered cubic for sure now. It was pretty obvious before but the electrical properties are slightly better on resistance and might be fluctuating even more. I will post new photos using this exact same proportion.

EDIT: there was also about 20-30g of blebs of the same alloy in bubbles near the top of the crucible after the combustion so, given the strength of the plasma was massive and the weight of the particles I am guessing it combusted evenly or not substantially sabotaging of its function. More electrical tests soon.

Chronological photo library:


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