A new Free Electron Laser project I made [pics]

I used a 500K 2W Clarostat potentiometer with 3 fast response inductors, 5x 9v batteries, silver 12 guage wire and a vacuum pump inside of a PVC tube with 2ton epoxy and a plexiglass round inside a bolt for a lens.

[EDIT: A smaller single four pin toroidal inductor can make plasma and FM/plasma configurations and, through rewiring of this schematic, enhance the current balance so you can achieve broad and thin spectrum FM depending on grounds and leads between parts of it – I did this and it is slightly better for creating particular energy but probably not standing waves. I might make a full tutorial but for now leave it at this.]

I clearly shocked myself with a decent 15-20v of xrays here and there, the radio/microwaves can be present on the left hand of the potentiometer. It takes time to get the physical design right for your parameters without good equipment but this was quite successful. Pics:

Sorry my older posts no longer embed, I am going to fix my website with original media and probably redesign the pages here and there soon. I got rid of all social media except my phone #s email etc.

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  1. nice laser mate
    could proper do with a laser like this to give to my wife
    hold up a second, my wife is calling me

    1. Make sure she has a lead vest on

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