A few cool (and/or funny) ideas

  1. Question: Why is it that when people are serious, they are more likely to say ‘real?’ Not even just when they are trying to talk about what happened, it’s just as often statistically when they are talking about anything with a serious tone. ‘really, real, realistic…’
  2. Funny joke: An opera singer with bandmates walks into a bar. They go up to the bartender, the bartender ass, would you like tuba a drink? The brass player says, yes a martini but I would like amelody slice on the glass. The bartender says, okay, baritone of you is getting it? The saxofone player says, him and meanwhile its tenorative but I’d like a few shots of soprano whiskey. The bartender pours the first two glasses. That’ll be forte dollars, he says. The drummer says, I’ll take a pint of your draft, is that key in hook to your keg? The bartender says, yes but it’s probably a little flat. The drummer says, then can you symb it down a little? The bartender says, probably just a quarter and it’s only going to be eighth full so just hold on a beat. The singer says, okay but will it still be clearinet? The bartender says, okay theres too many of you just put your call in a note and I’ll refrain to it later. The japanese guy says, just be conductive or I’m gong to the next bar. The bartender says, listen…. You need to settle your sax. The singer breaks their glass as the bartender hands it to them and says, pause. You are in treble. The bartender just about blows all the kegs off the bass and starts to scream. The composer walks in late and wonders what all the mess is. He says, you fools better not have gotten any drinks in your woodwinds, they’ll get stuccato the place now! Then the bassoon and cello players march out, as a string of police cars roll into the parking lot. They yell to the others as they start to run, this is not what I tuning fork!
  3. Time is not a line, it is not a dimension, it is not a number. It is the way things go. You have to look at something that is in front of you now to know the time.
  4. Three doctors walk up to a wishing well. Dr.One is a psychiatrist. Dr.Two is a dentist. Dr.Three is a physician. One after the other they drop their pennies and express their laments to the well, “life sucks”,”eat shit”,”die”
  5. New theory: people are not who they look like; they are 1d frames of consciousness snaking around their brain trying to figure out what life is but they can’t so they just ask their bodies do things that prevent people who are aware.
  6. In order to test my theories on particle physics wherat atoms can be used with precise combinations and energy levels to release useful radiation or energy forms besides EM, one good way is to test the effects on atomic and isotopic composition on a silica-enriched lightning rod. Silicon dioxide, if it attracts ball lightning as well as they say statisitcally, must have an intrinsic property that corresponds to a conductor of heavy mass free elementary particles or cosmic radiation.
  7. If my chest and my bellybutton make eyes and a mouth, whose face is it?
  8. To all racists or people wondering about race: Life isn’t just about genetics. It’s the way you arrange your life, which means the proteins that your genes express. You can’t think in a way that is wrong or unfit for reality without misarranging your proteins. If you miss arrange your proteins, your genes may still be reactive but what you eventually do is mutate and start to taste and smell and look bad. And your offspring might too. If you miss arrange your genes, you might rely too much on protein. That protein will not help you unless you are willing to fix your genes. If you want to fix your genes, you need to have good protein, to rely on that protein you need to put yourself in a position where you have sacrificed your genes in order to obtain that protein. In order to obtain that protein, you must have your protein in a way which has worked with your genes so that you can take in that protein, change your genes and start expressing it. If you want to argue about the differences between people, perhaps there is only one type of person in the future, but that requires all of us. And to say that any natural born human who has not modified their body is more pleasurable, to feel or exchange genes or protein with, you are assuming something that is untrue because to make a sacrifice to be too different or too unique (in order to feel better than another type of person), which is different from reaching the answer, is totally different than being good in bed. And if you don’t understand yet, what I am saying is that from within yourself, there is no way to become sexually or genetically (which is equal to your protein and cellular thought hormone mechanisms) or evolutionarily better than anyone else, and still call yourself a human. Likewise, you may not be able to say that naturally you are sexually more adopted than anyone else in a physical construct based on the form of your body. That would break the rule of evolution. If that was true, you are implying that other people from different races or genetics or protein structures (which is tied to genetics) are less adequate than you to the level where at you should not include them in your genome at all. You should probably seek the answer. I see in every known race of humans a positive benefit which they can and have provided to our system. I think the ideal race is where we are all together and we have all made our contributions as even as we are for as Fair as it should be to the level of circumstance for which we all evolved. Clearly we are all human, or we would not have been able to make any babies with each other at all. So, you must know that nobody is going to be better in bed then the end result of all of the love we share, which is our children. Know that we are better. Know that i, myself, and being better by doing this. And just as anyone else, you have the right to know this to be better.
  9. “if the universe has a purpose, it is for consciousness to exist and enjoy it. If it is to truly enjoy it, there must be a definition for what enjoyment or experience is or should be. If you are to define such a thing and make it objective, then the laws of mathematics physics and logic should somehow provide a discrete method of declaring what someone does or does not deserve in life. Thereby, good and evil are somehow objective. That means, from what I know, no institution or individual in this world has yet achieved a level where at the karmaic experience is fulfilled. We try to make approximations to what should happen, but everyone disagrees on it. Where the fact that every country and every person disagrees on morals and philosophy, you can safely assume and consider that evil is very widespread and likely exists in at least most individuals. This is a problem that we must take care of, or we are bound to suffer exponentially as the rationale of evil becomes more and more accustomed to the idea of having its own authority.”
  10. “You may try to be what you want, and what you do may be an attempt at that, and for as much as I am concerned, and for as much as I care, what you do may not be what you thought you wanted to do and you may not end up being what you wanted to be. But, however, the result will be fitting in the objective at some point. Maybe not now, but for as much as I care it will all be okay in the end. So, do what you can. Know I and others will also do what I or they can.”
  11. I believe that government does what it needs to to support us until us humans have reached the adaptation to be kind upon birth, and respectful to the rest of us and to be contributory to society and its methods. It is not however anarchist to set a goal to someday have no government to rely on.
  12. “In societies in search of a settlement for a conflict within or without, those members of society have to be soft and appealed to the innocence of a status where it was as if it never happened; the natural fundament is to reimburse to/for the causes, and have the willing participants continue in friendly union so that total equality and comfortable jest are shared among all with acknowledgement that the way of life is to be accepting, upfront, and not afraid to speak of things and each other as if the negative commences of conscious are gone and the matter is optionally laughable. If not, then the society cannot stand and the debtors should be determined.”

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