A dream I have for the future (and a public referral)

Since I have a lot of plans to use my knowledge of math (plus secret particle physics experiments I’ve been doing) to help humanity and this planet, I’ve made up my mind given the current reference political circumstances as of 1/2024.

I want to start a business to manufacture computers and silicon chips in a manner I have developed in secret which can reduce total computing complexity and energy usage to 1/2 and space usage to as low as 1/3. This is for digital computers. Analog computers will make this even better in many ways.

I want to start particle research facilities and charities for community-involved individuals to get paid generously for community service. I also want to give a grant for a public awareness charity which stocks more advanced and freely available public opinion registry to create more fluid, transparent and direct statistics on more community health features.

Aside from other forms of tech medicine and chemical industry companies, which I will found in public domain and divide some fixed proportion stocks into my other efforts, the last phase is now just to achieve enough resources (likely by alchemy and its research / fusion technologies mostly) to get everyone on their own highly secure reinforced spaceship with their family and drag along with more familiar people to find earth-like planets and colonize them (maybe dozens to hundreds) within even just a decade or so of comfortable travel.

With the current world political circumstances, my best way to achieve all goals is to move to Norway with grant/mathematics prize money.

If anyone wants to refer me to prizes or publication I recommend this. Just so you know, you can have my permission by email to submit my articles to journals for me, or co-author and redistribute them as such or a reviser.

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